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Rest in peace,
your son will grow to be a great person ;_;

4 weeks ago
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Anonymous : omg you draw cats so cute


Thank you! ( ’ w  ’ 

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Some Wahids
I’m rather curious on how he lost his eyesight

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flamesofdepravity : (love that Alma Toran thing~ I'd love to see your take on Wahid and Setta if you ever have time or inspiration <3 they could always use more fanart~)

Thank you ^^
I’ll see if I can draw Wahid in particular. I’ve only drawn him once!

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ngnl has lovely character designs and coloring ooooo

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luceryuu : let me tell you, your alma toran work with david vs setta&tess is beautiful. bless you. bless.you.

(o ///// o )!
(i cried a little drawing tess tbh)